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Estonian CKCS Club Show in Tallinn 18.5.2013:

Magnumin Madonna "Iiris" BB3, CC, best head

Lawliers Padmé Amidala (Lara) Puppy BIS3

Lawliers Mini Pig "Siru" Puppy BIS4.








Magnumin Cd End Of Love "Veera" did very well in Latvia, Riika international dog show. She was BB1, BOS and received CC and CACIB. Veera is now also LV CH!




Early this morning Heta gave birth to five ruby -colored puppies. Two boys and three girls. More information and pictures can be found here (texts unfortunately only in Finnish).




Our sweet Helmi (Lawliers Gift To My Dad) was BOB JUN yesterday at Tallinn speciality show. Helmi received her third JUN CC and with that she finished her EE J CH title.





Yesterday at Narva, Estonia: Lawliers Gift To My Dad "Helmi" was BOS JUN and received her second JUN CC. Tinka (Magnumin Red Star) was second in junior class and Iiris (Magnumin Madonna) was third in open class and BB3.




Heta was ultrasounded today and she is expecting puppies :) More information can be found at puppies -page.




Today in Lappeenranta all breed dog show:


Magnumin Winner Takes It All "Madde" CH EX1 CQ BB4

Magnumin Cd End Of Love "Veera" OPEN EX4

Magnumin Cd Sleepwalker "Farah" INT VG4




On the road again :) We spent the last weekend in Rakvere, Estonia where we participated in two dogshows. On Saturday our gang did very well: Veera (Magnumin Cd End Of Love) was BB1 and BOS with Estonian CC and with that she finished her EE CH -title. Little Helmi (Lawliers Gift To My Dad), who is only 10 months old, was first in junior class and received her first JUN CC. And last but not least the gorgeous ruby star Holly (Magnumin Hollywood Star, own. Auli Ahola) was BOB receiving both FI & EE CH titles. Congratulations Auli for Holly's great success!








Today we received the results for our girls' DNA-tests. Couple of the tests was not yet finished, but we will complete the results here as they arrive.


Dry eye & curly coat Episodic Falling syndrome
Laritin Cheyenne Ayasha "Eevi" CLEAR CARRIER
Magnumin Madonna "Iiris" CLEAR CARRIER
Magnumin Cd End Of Love "Veera" CLEAR CLEAR
Magnumin Winner Takes It All "Madde" CLEAR CARRIER
Magnumin Red Star "Tinka" CLEAR CLEAR
Lawliers Gift To My Dad "Helmi" CLEAR CLEAR





It has been quiet here at Lawliers homepage, but at the same time we have been extremely busy moving to our new home. Our girls were at first a bit suspicious about the new environment, but after a couple of days they discovered their new home to be a great place to live. At our new home our girls have a very big room just for themselves, where they live during our workdays. Hopefully we can soon locate our camera, so that we can show some pictures of this new kingdom of our girls. Tinka has already decorated the room with her teeth (which is not so nice)...




Our new home will soon be ready and in just a couple of weeks we will be moving to our new address. Our clever girls made sure they would not be forgotten...






Magnumin Winner Takes It All "Madde" was MRI -scanned today. Her SM result was A (1,4 mm) and BAER & PSOM clear.




New health results for our girls:

Laritin Cheyenne Ayasha "Eevi": heart ok (6,5 years)

Magnumin Madonna "Iiris": heart ok, patella 0/0 (almost 5 years)

Magnumin Cd End Of Love "Veera": heart ok, patella 0/0 (4 years)

Magnumin Winner Takes It All "Madde": heart ok (2,5 years)




Unfortunately no puppies for Iiris this time :(




Today we participated in all breed puppy show with Helmi and Tinka. Helmi (Lawliers GIft To My Dad) was third in babyclass with HP.


Tinka met her two sisters Saimi and Cindy at the show and we were able to take a few pictures of these lovely Magnumin stars:


From the left: Cindy (Magnumin Bright Star) Tinka (M. Red Star) and Saimi (M. Little Star)




Our ruby puppies Helmi and Tinka began their show careers today with eight other Cavalier puppies at Lahti all breed puppy show. Unfortunately no success for our girls today, but instead they both got a lot of good show training :)



Lawliers Gift To My Dad "Helmi"                      Magnumin Red Star "Tinka"



Helmi on the left, Tinka on the right





Today at Cavalier special show Aapo (Lawliers Rusty Nail) was third in male's open class with CQ. There were more than 30 dogs in his class, so we are naturally very, very happy for Aapo's result!  




Today at Tuulos: Magnumin Madonna "Iiris" was BB3 with res-CC. Great results for our precious little "Irkku" :)










































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